382A Pitt St. Sydney 2000.



TEL: 02 9267 0061

Would you book a hotel room for a few hours?

Hotel By Hour is the first Pay By The Hour hotel in Sydney. The standard rooms and fantasy rooms complete with bed, toilet, shower and movies are available for all occasion. Hotel By Hour is a safe and private place for Internet meeting, or a fun place for married couples wanting to spice up their relationship and also for those who looks for casual fantasies. No fuss to check in! 



99/2 hours!Same price whenever hot season or weekend! Open 7 days/24 hours! Welcome at any time, any day !! Plus $40- will have other 2 hours. Plus another $40- will have 5-10 hours ( overnight).


Recently Sydney Living cost are high, 2 person spend over $150 lunch, dinner and drink in a restaurant. In restaurant noise can’t talk and cannot do anything. Just come to Hotel By Hour (Hotel Rooms Pay Hourly), you can bring here food and wine, eating, drinking, talking and relaxing. We offer you free wifi, free AV, free water...


Here is not a brothel, not a massage, not a bar. Prostitutes, tiger machines don’t exist here. Our rooms are purely for rent!


After drinking makes you a trouble to drive home. You need to have a rest, come to Hotel By Hour, PAY HOURLY!


Come to Hotel By Hour, a rare place in city to have a rest, it is a convenient hotel for short time rest when you work tired...


Change clean bedsheet and towel for each guest.


Private and safe


front door and discreet entry, back door.


Address: 382A Pitt St Sydney, 2000

Phone: 02 9267 0061

Open 24 Hours.